A Place to Eat

We are proud of what we make, we eat it everyday.

We hope you do too.

In 2009 we had this idea.  What if we could serve an affordable and fast meal; sandwiches, soups, and salad, that was made from scratch?  You know... be Sandwich Shop X but with interesting and honest food.  So we did...

Relax and enjoy a Sandwich in two locations

Walla Walla: Housed in a tiny 850 square foot building that was originally a Sears Tire Shop.  Graze is a minimalist and slightly modern place with an old school record player and vintage records.  Sit in the window and people watch or hang out with your friends.  It is a pretty easy spot to enjoy a sandwich. 

Now in Kennewick: In 2014 something amazing happened.  A bank finally agreed to give us a loan. Kennewick Washington Here We Come!!! you'll soon see a new "place to eat" located in a former Quiznos, across the street from Costco, close to the Columbia Center Mall It will be just like our beloved little shop in downtown Walla Walla, only a whole bunch bigger, and with all new stuff.

To make a sandwich

Graze - 'place to eat' makes simple food... affordable, tasty, and honest food.  We like what we make, we are proud of what we make, we eat it everyday. We hope you do too.

This is what we do...

Roast turkey, sear chicken breast, pull mexican pork, cure pastrami, grill flank steak medium, roast portabellas, blanch asparagus, puree tomato soup, blend chimichurri, ferment sauerkraut, puree chipolte mayo, mix russian dressing, grate carrots, pickle daikon, mash avocado, slice romas, chop romaine, blend pepperjack sauce, etc etc etc. 

Oh you get the point, we care about our ingredientsand treat them with respect.

Dine In... Take Out... We even do catering delivery





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