New Graze location in Kennewick

It is fast. 

It is real food. 

It is a drive thru. 

I Make Sandwich, Fast!

It's the same really.  The drive thru.  Our drive thru.  The same as Graze - 'a place to eat'.  The menu that is.  See, it isn't confusing at all.

All the other drive thrus are fast.  And they serve 'Fast Food'.  The stuff that all tastes the same, whether it is burgers, or burritos, or sandwiches.  It's Fast Food... with a capitol F for the genre and a lowercase f for the descriptor.  You drive up, order, and get your meal handed to you... and you drive away.

Graze - 'a drive thru' is also fast.  Pretty much as fast as all the other Fast Food drive thrus.  So we are kind of the same, we also hand meals through building and car windows... and you drive away.  We think you will prefer our fast food to the usual Fast Food.

Drive up and see us for lunch or dinner.  10:00am to 7:30pm Monday thru Saturday, 10:00am to 3:30 Sunday.